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Visiting Speakers

The Albany Roundtable’s previous Visiting Speakers have included

  • Daniel D'Oca (Interboro Partners, author of The Arsenal of Exclusion & Inclusion)
  • Lawrence Paska, Ph. D. (Executive Director of the National Council for the Social Studies) 
  • Matt Tomasulo (founder of Walk [Your City])
  • Mindy Fullilove (author of Urban Alchemy: Finding Joy in America's Sorted Out Cities)
  • Kaid Benfield (author of People Habitat: 25 Ways to Think of Greener, Healthier Cities)
  • Jeff Speck (author of Walkable City: How Downtown Can Save America, One Step at a Time) 
  • John Q. Norquist (former Mayor of Milwaukee, CEO of the Congress for the New Urbanism)
  • Janet Flammang (professor and author of The Taste for Civilization)
  • Colin Beavan (blogger, environmentalist, author of No Impact Man)
  • Jaime Correa (planner, architect and professor at the University of Miami)
  • Stan Eckstut (NYC architect, Battery City Project) 
  • Tony Hiss (Project for Public Spaces) 
  • Robert McNulty (Partners for Livable Places) 
  • Paul Pritchard (National Parks and Conservation Association) 
  • Richard Bradley (proponent of Downtown business districts) 
  • Ray Oldenburg (author of The Great Good Place) 
  • James Howard Kunstler (author and new urbanist) 
  • Jane Holtz Kay (architecture critic, author of Asphalt Nation) 
  • Joseph P. Riley (Mayor, Charleston, South Carolina) 
  • Richard Reinhart (Buffalo Place)